Protocol provides event management services and advice for key University events and functions. Our event staff are experts in all aspects of the planning and managing of events. Protocol can provide advice on developing the event concept and brief, determining objectives and aims, and identifying target audiences, to engaging with internal and external suppliers, risk management, and conducting post-event analysis.

Key areas of responsibility for the team include:

  • Organising events and visits attended by Regal, Vice-Regal, Federal and State Ministers, Members of the Diplomatic Corps and foreign government dignitaries, Presidents of other universities and other high profile VIPs,
  • Managing functions and events such as campus, building and centre openings, graduations, honorary and other award ceremonies,
  • Managing public events associated with UQ Research Week and Teaching and Learning Week,
  • Managing high profile events as directed by the Chancellor and/or Vice-Chancellor and President.

To understand how Protocol can help you, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

When to involve Protocol

Protocol must be notified and a Protocol Advice Form completed if events or functions fall into either of the following categories:

  • Any event or function proposed to involve a dignitary as listed in the Know when to involve Protocol section, or
  • Any event or function proposed to involve the participation and/or attendance of the Chancellor and/or Vice-Chancellor and President.

A minimum of six weeks’ notice is required to allow Protocol to maximise its assistance to you and meet the UQ Ministerial and Dignitary Invitation Guidelines. Once the Protocol Advice Form has been completed and returned, Protocol will respond within two working days to discuss Protocol's level of involvement/support, based on the information provided in the form.

Protocol Advice Form

The Protocol Advice Form will be used to notify the Office of the Vice-Chancellor of your intention to invite a dignitary, as well as initially alerting Protocol of your event. It is essential that you complete as much of the form as possible and send to Protocol at least six-weeks out from your proposed event date. This form must be endorsed (signed or approved via email) by a member of the University Senior Management Group for action to proceed. Please allow at least 2-3 working days for processing once Protocol receives your form.

Contact Protocol for further advice

For further advice or planning assistance please contact Protocol.