Social media offers a great opportunity to engage with various audiences, including students, staff and the broader community. However, not every department has the need or capacity to support an ongoing social media presence.

There are some important considerations before you decide to set up a social media account:

  • Why do you want to use social media and is it going to help achieve the wider aims and goals of your department?
  • What resources are available to allocate to social media?
  • Will there be a dedicated person to manage social media, and do they have the time and skills to develop and post content, as well as respond to comments and messages in a timely manner?

If you find it is not possible to run your own social media, it may be possible to work with other UQ teams and existing channels. For example, OMC has an online form to submit content ideas and requests for the UQ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. This could be a particularly good option if your department does not produce shareable content very often but would still like to make one-off posts about news or events.