OMC and UQ Legal have created a generic UQ photography and videography consent form (sometimes called a model release, image consent form, or photography permission form) that must be used by all areas of the University when a photo is taken of an individual person or small groups.

  The form cannot be altered or personalised.

When to use a release:

Any individual whose face is recognisable in an image or video must complete a release form, except:

  • individuals at event shoots where clear signs are posted around the venue stating that photographs will be taken
  • UQ staff members (note that students and student ambassadors still need to complete a form). 

Model releases are always mandatory, but are essential for shoots that involve subjects below the age of 18 (their parents must sign on their behalf or the images cannot be used). 

Scan completed releases and email them to for archiving, with the details of your shoot. Once archived, you no longer need to keep a paper copy on file (though can if you wish).

21 August 2019 4:11pm