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Kelly Robinson
Chief Marketing and Communication Officer


Administration Team

336 56060


Communication Team

0429 056 139 
(after hours media enquiries)


Corporate Publications Team

336 52479


Corporate Publications Manager

336 52479

Brand and Creative Team

336 51933
(design enquiries)

For brand and logo usage enquiries, please email


Marc Colette
Creative Director


Video Production Team

336 52753


Matthew Taylor
Video Production Manager


Customer Analytics Team

Max Yow
Customer Analytic Manager 

0433 310 325

Customer Research & Design Team

Natalia Khamenskaia
Customer Experience (Research & Design) Manager


Digital Marketing Team


Jody Hart
Digital Marketing Manager




UQ Engage Program Team


Spencer Parker
UQ Engage Program Manager


Marketing Automation and Conversion Team


Jenna Daniels

Marketing Automation and Conversion Manager   

Integrated Planning and Performance Team


Integrated Planning and Performance Manager


Websites Channel Team


Romain Lovisco
Websites Channel Manager