Sponsorship plays an integral role in maintaining and enhancing our profile and brand.

UQ sponsorship activities broadly reflect our strategic objectives and key operational priorities and are expected to deliver benefits and opportunities that help to profile our brand and communicate key messages while remaining consistent with our vision, mission and values.

2. UQ Staff - are you organising to sponsor an external event or activity?

If you would like assistance determining if a sponsorship you have been offered is appropriate you can send a copy of the prospectus to OMC for review and feedback, simply email sponsorship@uq.edu.au.

If your faculty or area is entering into a sponsorship agreement please send a copy of the prospectus to sponsorship@uq.edu.au to be recorded on the UQ Sponsorships register.

Please also ensure that all sponsorship agreements are submitted to the UQ Legal Office for review before signing. Refer to the Legal Office website for more information.