Access UQ Images

UQ Images is an online database of over 80,000 images of UQ’s campuses, students, staff, alumni, facilities, events, functions, and much more. 

UQ staff can access the database to view and request to download images for marketing and communications activities that relate to promoting UQ to internal and external audiences. 

UQ Images is intended to:

  • promote and protect the reputation of The University of Queensland
  • provide a stock of high-quality, fresh images
  • reduce the volume and cost of stored images and videos. 

You can find the answers to frequently asked questions about UQ Images below. If you have a question that is not answered in these instructions, please contact us at and we will assist wherever possible.  

How do I access UQ Images?

Visit and enter your UQ username and password to log in to the database.

If I am not a UQ staff member can I access the database?

UQ Images is intended for the use of UQ staff only.

Certain organisations that have close links with UQ may be able to access the database on a case-by-case basis (for example UQ Sport or UQ Colleges).

Contact us at if you think this applies to you and would like to discuss access. 

I am a UQ staff member and I am unable to login, what do I do?

Your account may be disabled, this often happens when staff move from one area of UQ to another. Contact us at with your UQ ID (i.e. uqalora) and current work area and we will investigate the issue.

It’s my first time using UQ Images. What do I do?


First, go to the database online, and login with your UQ username and password. Email if you experience any login issues.


For help using UQ Images, click on the help link on the top right hand side of the page for relevant and easy-to-follow advice. 

UQ Images

You can also email the team at at any time for assistance. 


Once you’re in the database, enter the description in the search bar for images you are looking for:

UQ Images search

For example: “open day”, “graduations”, “Gatton”

Tip: Keep your search terms generic to access as many relevant images as possible, i.e. “open day” rather than “female students in the great court on open day”

You can also browse by category to see images that have been tagged to popular search terms:

UQ Images browse categories

Once you’ve found an image that you want to download, click on the ID link to view it in full:

UQ Images

Download or share

If you decide the image is one you want to use, add the image to your lightbox, which is a clever way to collect a series of images and share them with colleagues to view online before selecting images to download. For more information about using lightboxes, see the next question in this list.

UQ Images

What is a Lightbox?

A Lightbox is a folder within UQ Images where you collect images before you can download them. 

Lightboxes are a great tool for shortlisting images you like, downloading them in a single set, and/or sharing a set of images with a fellow UQ Images user. 

How do I create a Lightbox?

Click on the Lightbox drop-down arrow button on the left-hand side of your screen, and create a new Lightbox by typing an appropriate name in the box (where it says “create new”), and hit the enter/return button on your keyboard.

UQ Images

Select the newly created Lightbox from the dropdown Lightbox menu. Now any images you add to your Lightbox will be added to the one you have just created.

UQ Images

How do I add images to my Lightbox?

To add images to a Lightbox, select items from the search results using the “Add to Lightbox” link.

Tip: Once an image has been added to your Lightbox the “Add to Lightbox” button will become a “Remove from Lightbox” button. This is a good way to keep track of images you have already selected.

UQ Images

You can also select multiple images at a time using the checkboxes above each image, then clicking “Add to Lightbox” on the More Actions tab.

UQ Images

How do I view my Lightbox?

To view the Lightbox you have been using click on the title in the sidebar. Once you have it open, you can view images you have selected, download images you need, or share the whole Lightbox with another user.

UQ Images

How do I download images from my Lightbox?

Select the “Request Approval” button. 

UQ Images

On this page you will have the option to deselect any images you don't want to download. These images will remain in your Lightbox for you to download at a later date if you wish. 

UQ Image

After you have clicked 'submit', you will need to enter a few details about your intentions for use so the UQ Images team can assess your request - certain images are embargoed for different reasons, so it's important to be as accurate and descriptive as possible when you complete these details.

Once your download request has been approved you will receive an email notification and will be prompted to return to your Lightbox, where you will now be able to download your photos, either individually or as a group.

UQ Images

How do I share my Lightbox?

Tip: Users you share a Lightbox with will see every image in it, so remove any images you do not wish to share before following the steps below.

Select the Share icon from the top menu.

UQ Images

 Click on “Add users”.

UQ Images

From this page, you can search for the user you wish to share the Lightbox with, using any or all of the attribute fields. Click “Find” to continue.

UQ Images

You can now select further options for the user you are adding. When you are happy with your selection, click the “Add selected users” button.

TIP: If you check the “Added users can edit the Lightbox” checkbox, the user you add can add or delete images from the Lightbox. This is useful if you are sending a large selection of photos to be cut down by another staff member.

If you check the “Send an email to users not already sharing this Lightbox” checkbox, the user(s) you are adding will receive an automatically generated email notifying them they have been added, with a link to your Lightbox.

UQ Images

You will be prompted to confirm you want to add the selected user. Click “OK” to continue.

UQ Images

The user is now added to your Lightbox. As the owner of the Lightbox, you will be still able to:

  • Remove or edit the permissions of existing users for this Lightbox
  • Add more users for this Lightbox.

I’m viewing an image, but there is no option to download it, can it be downloaded some other way?

Some images on UQ Images have higher security settings, which means their approval will need to be determined on a case-by-case basis. This can happen if images are embargoed or sensitive for any reason.

If you need to download such an image, contact us at with the image’s ID and we will assess the request.

How long will it take for my image to be approved?

Requests are manually assessed by OMC’s Publications team. Please allow two (2) business days. If your request is urgent, contact us at to notify us of your pending request.

I need a copy of the UQ logo. Can I download it from UQ Images?

UQ’s logos are part of our brand assets, which are carefully monitored to ensure they are used correctly and consistently for external audiences.

Use of UQ logo is managed by Geoffrey Burmester, Production Supervisor, OMC. Contact with your request.

I am looking for an old or historical image, but can’t find anything suitable, is there somewhere else I can locate photos?

UQ Images is intended for current marketing purposes, so while it has many historical photos, it is not an exhaustive source for historical images of UQ.

If you are looking for a historic photo and can’t find it on UQ Images, we suggest you also try the following avenues:

I am a UQ staff member, but I would like to use images from the database for a non-work related project (e.g. a social or sporting club newsletter or volunteer activities).

In most cases this is not permitted, however if you believe your situation warrants special consideration, please contact us at with your request. No UQ images can be used for commercial or marketing purposes outside of UQ and its subsidiaries.

My family member or I worked at UQ or was at a UQ event and was photographed, and I would like copies of those photos.

Contact us at with all the details you have and we will do our best to locate the photos and send them to you.  Images supplied for this purpose are intended for personal use only and should not be reproduced in any other medium without requesting permission.

What is metadata, and what is it used for?

Metadata is the descriptive information that makes searching for images possible (e.g. descriptors, image titles and key words). This data is expected to be supplied by photographers, but must be confirmed by the UQ staff member uploading the photos.  

How do I upload images to UQ Images?

Only approved staff members who have undergone UQ Images training can upload to UQ Images. If you have been identified as needing training, or would like copy of the uploading documents, contact us at

Talk to the UQ Images team