The Communications team within the Office of Marketing and Communications checks and distributes all UQ media releases in line with The University of Queensland’s Policy and Procedures 1.50.06 Communication and Comment Using the University’s Name.

Please follow the process below to submit media releases for consideration for UQ News and/or distribution to media:

For UQ researchers, students and alumni

Contact the communications officer in your school, centre, faculty or institute in the first instance to discuss whether your news is suited for a UQ media release. A list of communications contacts can be found here.

Consider what videos and photos could accompany your news story.

For UQ communications staff

Note: Centres and schools are asked to approach their faculty and institute communications team in the first instance for media release submission

Step 1. Familiarise yourself with the OMC Media Release Standard Operating Procedures and the UQ News Release Style Guide. These documents cover details about embargoes, pitching, ministerial media releases, distribution outlets and editorial requirements.

Step 2. Fill out the OMC Media Release Cover Sheet form.

Step 3. Check that the media release is written in UQ News style and that you are complying with the Standard Operating Procedure for UQ media.

Step 4. Ensure there is an image to accompany the media release and provide a photo caption if necessary.

Step 5. Save your media release/Word document in the standard UQ naming format: <faculty subject date> E.g. <HABS diabetes 160106> – Note the date format is yymmdd

Step 6. Send the completed OMC Media Release Cover Sheet and media release in a single Word document to at least 48 hours before it is expected to be distributed to media. Use the document name as the email subject line.

Step 7. The OMC Communications team will edit and approve the release. OMC’s role is not to extensively rewrite releases but to edit for style or clarity. Releases that do not meet requirements substantially will be returned to the source for further work.