To help protect and promote the UQ brand a revised brand policy and new brand procedure came into effect on 30 March 2022.

The new brand policy and procedure will ensure that UQ’s distinctive brand is professionally and consistently applied across every asset and touchpoint.

Ensuring consistent and coherent application of the UQ logo and brand elements is integral to maintaining the University’s strong profile and reputation in a highly competitive, global marketplace.

All UQ staff, students and controlled entities have a key role to play in helping the University protect and build its brand and reputation.

The documents, developed by Marketing and Communication following consultation with a cross-section of staff, were endorsed by the Senior Executive Team (USET) and approved by the Vice-Chancellor. They are available on the Policy and Procedures Library (PPL).

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Who does the Policy and Procedure apply to?

The policy and procedure apply to all UQ staff, students and controlled entities.

Key Changes

The primary objectives of this revised policy and new procedure is to:

  • Outline requirements to protect and promote the UQ brand, ensure consistency in its application and minimise risk from misuse
  • Ensure all brand touchpoints enhance the university’s global profile and more effectively position UQ to its stakeholders.

The main changes arising from this revised policy and new procedure are: 

  • Updates to the existing Corporate Identity Program Policy to include a broader range of principles and key requirements that align to our master brand approach
  • Clear instruction for staff, students and controlled entities relating to process and approvals
  • Links to available tools to ensure correct application of the UQ brand.

Benefits arising from the adoption of this revised policy and new procedure include:

  • A stronger, more cohesive brand that effectively presents UQ as one unified entity to our many local, national and international audiences
  • A brand that UQ staff and students can take pride in promoting.

Change management

Marketing and Communication (M&C) has made changes to relevant guidelines, tools and systems to enable full adoption of this policy and its supporting procedure. Ongoing advice and support is available to staff and students through the M&C training and induction programs, direct contact via emailing and through M&C’s website.


M&C has oversight of the policy and will monitor its effectiveness and adoption across UQ to ensure that it is meeting the needs of the university, its staff and students. A review will be undertaken in December 2022 to assess the level of adoption of this policy and identify any issues or areas for further improvement, including any changes to the policy.

Assistance and advice

For any further information or advice and assistance regarding this policy and procedure please email

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