When the UQ Brand was introduced in 2018, a range of Microsoft Office templates, mostly administrative, were developed for staff use.

As the brand has evolved and been adopted across The University, requests for word versions of the InDesign templates increased.

To enable more staff to produce quality collateral regardless of design capabilities, we have developed a range of design focused Office templates including: flyers, brochures, certificates, CVs, posters, a video template and an updated report and PowerPoint templates.

The templates have been designed using our system font, Arial, with the exception of two PowerPoint templates which are available in Gotham and Arial. Please do not request a Gotham template if you have not received a license for the Gotham font.

To accommodate the new templates, the folder structure within the templates section of the DAM has been reorganised, and you will need to update bookmarked or saved links to templates on the DAM.

Please also delete any existing templates you have saved locally and replace them with new templates.

If you are accessing the DAM remotely you will need to be connected to the VPN in order to login.

Access the templates ›

Using the templates

If you use the templates without any major modifications, you do not need to seek brand approval to use or distribute. However, if you change the overall structure or layout you will need to email brand@uq.edu.au for design approval. 

Saving templates

If you are creating a word document or PowerPoint you should always start with a UQ template to ensure the correct font, colours and logo are applied.

You can do this by either downloading the appropriate template from the DAM each time, or by saving the templates locally. If you work from home on a different computer please be aware you will have to follow these steps for each machine you work off.

  1. Download a template from the DAM.
  2. Open the template and “save as template”.
  3. Give the template a name and save.
  4. When you create a new document select “new from template” your saved templates will appear below the blank document option.

Assistance and advice

For any further information or advice and assistance regarding the templates please email damsupport@uq.edu.au