Presenting written information in a consistent way across the University enhances our professionalism and credibility.

This written style guide pulls together all the resources we use to write corporate documents, news stories and website content for The University of Queensland.


At UQ we use the Australian Macquarie Dictionary for spelling. You'll need to sign in through the Library to access UQ's account.

View the Macquarie Dictionary (staff login required)

Punctuation and style

We follow the Australian Government Style Manual (AGSM) for all other matters of written style, except for some UQ-specific exceptions and additions (see below).

View the Australian Government Style Manual

Style quick reference

We've compiled a printable PDF of some of our most-used written styles, including numbers, dates and UQ-specific terms.

Download the written style quick reference (PDF, 189.2 KB)

UQ-specific terms

Some UQ-specific exceptions and additions apply that over-ride the Australian Government Style Manual.

Enter your query in the search bar or scroll through the list below to see styles that are particular to UQ.

Additional resources

For a general overview of UQ's written style, download:

UQ written style quick reference (PDF, 189.2KB) ›

Make your writing sharper and more accessible for a general audience with the:

UQ tone of voice guidelines ›

Develop inclusive language practice with the:

Inclusive language: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (PDF, 116KB) ›

Inclusive language: Age (PDF, 109KB) ›

Inclusive language: Cultural and linguistic (PDF, 118KB) ›

Inclusive language: Disability (PDF, 126KB) ›

Inclusive language: Gender (PDF, 118KB) ›

Inclusive language: Sexuality and gender diversity (PDF, 142KB) ›

Access short UQ-approved blurbs on a range of topics through:

Copybank ›

For academic and research writing, access specific styles at:

Referencing style guides ›

Find templates and images to illustrate or prepare your work at:

UQ Digital Asset Manager (DAM) ›

Understand commonly used acronyms and initialisms at UQ:

UQ commonly used acronyms and initialisms (PDF, 140KB) ›

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