The University of Queensland is a highly recognisable location, with many beautiful locations ideal for professional photoshoots. Unsurprisingly, we receive many requests for photoshoots on campus. We welcome our staff, students and community to enjoy our spaces, but there are some restrictions around taking photos and sharing them online. 

Personal photography 

Photography for personal use, including graduation photos, is permitted at anytime. Images may be shared on personal social media accounts but can not be used in promotional or paid posts. 

Media photography 

All media requesting to undertake photography on campus should contact the Communication team by emailing or phoning +61 429 056139.

Commercial photography

We have strict rules around photography and videography on campus for any commercial activity. External organisations must request permission to organise photoshoots on UQ campuses, and can do so by emailing

If there is an existing relationship with UQ, please outline this in your request to expedite the process.

Wedding/engagement photos

All requests for wedding photography on campus should be directed to or by calling 3365 1234.


Details for requesting to film on campus Details for flying drones on campus