The Video Production Unit is a full-service production studio within Marketing and Communication, and provides services across all faculties, institutes and centres at UQ. We can work with you from the concept/production brief stage, through production and editing, to distribution of the final product. We have our own purpose-built, flexible studio space at the St Lucia campus, and can record on-location for your project.

When you get in touch, it is helpful if you have an idea in mind for your finished product, but we can help refine this for you, where required. It is also good if you have an idea of the available budget for a project. We will always give you the best possible product within your budget, and can provide guidance on how we think it can be best allocated to a project.

While every project is unique, some of the products we regularly produce include:

We can also assist with filming and supplying raw footage only, editing services for supplied footage, assistance with archive and UQ stock footage, and assistance with Motion Graphics Template files.

Benefits of working with us

  • Low hourly rates compared to industry
  • We can access centrally funded UQ stock footage for projects, and all music is included within our cost
  • Guaranteed brand compliance
  • Local archiving of the project on the UQ servers making it simple to rebrand or re-use footage in the future
  • Organisational knowledge (accessing filming locations, OH&S, etc.)
  • Minimal finance administration – we use UQ’s Request for Internal Services Quote (RISQ) form
  • Access to Adobe Stock footage library at a reduced cost
  • Caption files supplied

Our services are charged on an hourly basis at a flat rate of $95/hour (for projects internal to UQ where we cost-recover through a RISQ). We work on a cost recovery basis, meaning you are only charged for the hours we bill to a project (+ costs, such as travel, props, paid stock footage, or paid talent). When you make contact with our team, we will provide a cost estimate with a breakdown of how we have accounted for each part of the project.

We also provide services external to UQ at $120/hour + GST.


How does the cost estimate and cost recovery work?

We are a cost recovery unit and will only charge for the hours (+ costs) we use. We provide a cost estimate at the beginning of a project. The cost estimate will usually be a range and will have a detailed breakdown of how we expect to allocate your budget. This will include pre-production, filming and production, editing, and other costs where applicable (such as travel). We are able to incur costs and include them as part of your final RISQ, or you can pay these upfront.

Can you help update or repurpose a previous project the video team produced in the past?

All footage and project files are stored indefinitely on UQ servers, meaning that we can easily update old projects. This may be as simple as updating branding, or completely repurposing the footage. Once we have an idea of what you need, we can provide a cost estimate.

I have a broad idea of what I want, but am a bit unsure of how it might look in the end – can you help?

Absolutely! We are a full-service studio and can develop production briefs from the ground up. This can include writing scripts and interview questions, storyboarding a final product, and plans for distribution. We will normally schedule in a meeting with you to discuss what you need, your budget, and timeline.

What pre-production services do you offer?

We allocate pre-production time for bigger projects. Making creative decisions prior to recording will make sure we get what is needed for the output, and reduces costs incurred during the post-production approvals process.

We are very experienced in writing scripts and interview questions.

Depending on the project, we will prepare a comprehensive production brief that includes cost estimates, creative treatments, production schedules, and other relevant information.

Can you record off-site from a UQ campus?

We regularly film across all UQ campuses and sites. We can also film at off-site locations. For example, this may be for events, profiling research fieldwork, or recording with UQ collaborators and partners at their offices. Any travel, such as Ubers, flights, or accommodation, will be in addition to our hourly cost recovery rate.

I already have some footage. Can you just do the editing for me?

We can edit existing footage. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate rights and permissions to use any footage you supply. We can also incorporate your existing footage into new projects we produce.

I want to include interviews in my project. Can you write the questions/conduct the interview for me?

We regularly write questions and conduct interviews on location and in our studio. Our producers can prepare questions specific to your project and help refine any you have written. We are experienced in conducting interviews, and will generally try to explore content that comes up during an interview to get the best possible material for your end product.

Can I attend filming/recording?

Definitely. In fact, we strongly recommend that yourself or someone from your team attends all recording sessions. This makes sure we get everything we need and avoids having to re-record material.

Do you produce captions or transcripts?

We produce caption files for video projects (with the exceptions of video news releases, as these are not intended for public release). We can provide transcripts for video and audio content. For longer products, (such as long presentations, podcasts, etc), this may incur additional hourly costs.

How does the approvals process work?

As we export finished video or audio, we will send you a review link. Broadly speaking, there should be one major round of feedback. If there will be more than one person approving the video, all feedback should be collated and sent in this major round. This may include external partners, featured talent (e.g. researchers), other organisational groups within UQ, or other teams within your unit. We will then send back a new version for any additional changes. If substantial changes need to be made or additional outputs need to be produced, additional costs may be incurred.

Can I make changes if the video production team produces a production brief for me?

Absolutely. You have final sign-off on the final production brief. We can also work with you to make changes throughout production.

Do you have access to stock music and footage for my project?

Our team uses UQ’s AudioNetwork licence for stock music. Any music used in your final product is included in our hourly rate. We also have access to discounted stock footage (and other assets) from Adobe Stock. This will be in addition to our hourly rate. We do not licence any of this footage until you approve it, so you will only pay for the footage we use in the final product.

Can you help me with distributing our video/podcast?

Our team is very experienced in distributing media content across a range of platforms. For video, this can include Vimeo, YouTube, and all social media, as well as specialty platforms like EventsAIR and Brightcove. We also have extensive experience in distributing podcasts and other audio content across all major platforms. We can work with you on the best platforms for your content.