UQ has an appointed panel of video suppliers. In any video where people will be easily identifiable, regardless of whether they are on- or off-campus, you must ensure they complete and sign a consent form

At any stage of the process, feel free to contact Video Production Manager, Matthew Taylor (matthew.taylor@uq.edu.au) to discuss your video project or if you would like advice. 

6. Download video

  • After completing the booking form you would have received an email containing a link to the Dropbox folder (as per Step 3).
  • Your video(s) will be loaded into this folder for you to access and download. OMC will archive these after a period of three months, so ensure you save them to your own drives for ongoing use. 
  • Your supplier should submit their invoice within 30 days of completing their work. Ensure that supplier invoices are paid within 30 days of receipt.